R-Evo Smart® CR

R-Evo® Smart is a convenient compact modular system for cataract surgeons, fusing performance and functionality also for combined procedure



Compact Phaco-Vitrectomy System with Dual Pump (Peristaltic and Venturi) and two Independent LED Light Sources.


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Technical specifications

R-Evo Smart® is a convenient compact modular system for cataract surgeons, fusing performance and functionality also for combined procedure.

Agile Fluidics™ supporting Anterior Chamber stability:

  • IOP Management with Advanced Microprocessor-controlled Active Irrigation System
  • Selectable Aspiration Systems with Flow or Vacuum based pumps
  • Unique EasySys Cassette System
  • Integrated and Motorized IV Pole for optional Gravity Irrigation (with optional cart)

Optimized Energy Management enhancing U/S efficiency:

  • Minimal Stress™ Technology
  • Balanced U/S Cutting Protocols designed to boost efficiency
  • 40 KHz Phaco Handpiece
  • Wide Phaco Tip range

Vitrectomy Surgery affording the essential needed:

  • Uninterrupted vitreous removal flow with the TWEDGE™ vitreoretinal cutters
  • ED LIGHTING SYSTEM with 2 independent LED light sources
  • Ancillary functions: Fluid/air exchange, Silicon oil Injection/Removal, Eso/Endo Diathermy, Pars Plana phaco option.

User Interface for a simplified human-machine interaction:

  • High Visibility 15” touch screen
  • Advanced Foot-Pedal programmable as Single Linear or Dual Linear
  • Same EasySys Cassette same for Phaco/Retina/Combined procedures
  • Multiple programmable voice and audio feedbacks

Istruzioni per l’uso

Istruzioni per l’uso

Cassette easysys IFU

Drainage bag IFU

Phaco tip wrench IFU

Test chamber IFU

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R-Evo Smart® CR

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