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BVI understands the lasting impact a great idea can have on the lives of millions of people. As a world-class manufacturer of high quality ophthalmic products, BVI has and continues to be at the forefront of innovation. Our success stems from partnering with clinicians and other like-minded businesses to commercialize great ideas that help save and improve patient vision and prolong the quality of life.


As a highly trusted medical device manufacturer, BVI can help bring your idea in the ophthalmic space into reality. BVI’s expertise includes:

  • Over 85 years of experience in design & development, manufacturing, and marketing
  • Trusted brands that are standard of care
  • Strong legacy of developing innovative, high quality products
  • Hundreds of patents including multiple innovations in ophthalmology and other surgical specialties
  • Broad R&D expertise
  • Global reach with a strong Sales and Distributo


Your idea can be submitted in generic, non-confidential terms using the Idea Submission Form.
For proper and timely consideration of your idea, it is vital to include relevant details that would help us conduct initial evaluation:

  • List all individuals involved in idea creation
  • Describe the idea in generic, non-confidential terms
  • List unmet needs, key benefits and differentiators
  • List any products that the idea would compete with if commercialized
  • Provide contact information

The BVI Idea Team will review ideas on a regular basis. Upon initial review, if BVI finds the idea of interest and in alignment with corporate strategy, we may request that both parties enter into a confidentially agreement to review the idea in detail.

BVI strives to provide candid feedback on all submissions. Feedback, however, cannot be guaranteed.

Some steps in the process may be combined or conducted in parallel depending on the stage of the idea presented.


Protection of intellectual property rights, including, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets, is important. BVI is willing to partner with you to develop such protection and carry its share of costs. Where it makes sense to both parties, various arrangements can be explored, including licensing arrangements and outright transfer of rights.