Tower Phaco System with Dual Pump (Peristaltic and Rotary Vane)




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R-Evolution: Designed to Amplify your Talent

R-Evolution is the system that gives a wide range of options for each step of the cataract procedure, enhancing performances and functionalities.

Agile Fluidics™ supporting Anterior Chamber stability:

• IOP Management with Advanced Microprocessor-controlled Active Irrigation System

• Selectable Aspiration System between Flow or Vacuum based pumps

• Unique EasySys Cassette System

• Integrated and Motorized IV Pole for optional Gravity Irrigation


Optimized Energy Management fostering U/S efficiency:

• Minimal Stress™ Technology

• Balanced U/S Cutting Protocols designed to boost efficiency

• 40 KHz Phaco Handpiece

• Wide Phaco Tip range


Anterior Vitrectomy

• 20G Single Blade Anterior Vitreous Cutter

• 23G TWEDGE Technology Vitreous Cutter


User Interface assisting human-machine interaction via:

• Large High Visibility 19” touch screen

• Wireless Foot-Pedal Programmable as Single Linear or Dual Linear

• Same EasySysCassette for Phaco/Retina/Combined procedures

• Several programmable Voice and Audio Feedbacks

• IR Remote Control (optional)

Istruzioni per l’uso

Istruzioni per l’uso

Phaco tip wrench IFU

Test chamber IFU

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